Twice each week, on Wednesday and Friday mornings, program participants will be gathering for a brief discussion of a recent preprint of relevance to asteroseismology - as an excuse to gather, have some coffee or tea, and ease into the day. This 'structure' is loosely modeled after the Ohio State Astronomy Astro Brew

If there's a particular paper that appears in the overnight astro-ph mailing, or in another news venue, feel free to add your name and a link to the paper to the schedule below. If nothing appears by 10PM the night before, I'll 'assign' a paper to one of you...

feel free to claim this slot!
Wed, Sep 28
Pulsations in M dwarf Stars
C. Rodríguez-López,
J. MacDonald,
A. Moya
let's see how this works
Fri, Sep 30
On the challenging variability of LC IV-14d116
M.M. Miller Bertolami,
A.H. Corsico,
L.G. Althaus

Wed, Oct 5
Calculating asteroseismic diagrams for solar-like oscillations
Timothy R. White, Timothy R. Bedding, Dennis Stello,
Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard,
Daniel Huber, Hans Kjeldsen

Fri, Oct 7
2D computations of g modes
J. Ballot,
F. Lignières,
V. Prat,
D. R. Reese,
M. Rieutord

Wed, Oct 12
Towards ensemble asteroseismology of ZZ Ceti stars with fully evolutionary models
A.D. Romero,
A.H. Corsico,
L.G. Althaus, et al.
The Argentinian group again...
Fri, Oct 14
van Saders
Characterization of the power excess of solar-like oscillations in red giants with Kepler
B. Mosser,
Y. Elsworth,
S. Hekker, et al.

Wed, Oct 19
Transient Solar Oscillations Driven by Primordial Black Holes
M. Kesden, S. Hanasoge

Fri, Oct 21
Towards a unified model of stellar rotation
A Potter, C. Tout & J. Eldridge
Towards a unified model of stellar rotation

CONFERENCE WEEK - NO ASTERO-PH COFFEE (too many authors around!)

Wed, Nov 2
Are pulsating B stars magnetic or not, that's the question
Hubrig et al. versus Shultz et al.

Fri, Nov 4
S. Vauclair
Homogeneous studies of transiting extrasolar planets. IV. Thirty systems with space-based light curves
John Southworth

Wed, Nov 9
Y. Wu
The Kepler Cluster Study: Stellar Rotation in NGC6811
- and -
The Color-Period Diagram and Stellar Rotational Evolution - New Rotation Period Measurements in the Open Cluster M34
Meibom et al.

Fri, Nov 11
Veterans Day holiday

Wed, Nov 16
Victor Silva Aguirre
Metal-Poor Lithium-Rich Giants in the RAVE Survey
Ruchti et al.

Fri, Nov 18
Bill Chaplin
Red Dwarf Stars: Ages, Rotation, Magnetic Dynamo Activity and the Habitability of Hosted Planets
Engle and Guinan

Wed, Nov 23
(Thanksgiving tomorrow)
Fri, Nov 25
(Thanksgiving yesterday)

Wed, Nov 30
Wojtek Dziembowski
Amplitudes of low frequency modes in rotating B type stars
Umin Lee

Fri, Dec 2

Wed, Dec 7
(Kepler Science meeting in Ames)
Fri, Dec 9
Andrea Miglio
Modelling a high-mass red giant observed by CoRoT
Baudin et al.

Wed, Dec 14
Joyce Guzik
Stellar envelope inflation near the Eddington limit
Gravener et al.

Fri, Dec 16
concluding discussion