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Related to Richard Townsend's talk last Thursday, this paper might be of interest: "Angular momentum transfer between oscillations and rotation in subdwarf B hybrid pulsators" by F. Perez Hernandez, R. Oreiro & H. Hu - Haili

In answer to some of the questions asked during and after my talk on beta Cephei stars, you might want to look at Balona's paperwho gives a nice review on the status of observations of pulsating B stars and unsolved problems such as "why are there no beta Ceph pulsators for stars earlier than O9", "why are there no rapidly pulsating SPB stars", "what is the rotation velocity of beta Ceph stars", "why do we find beta Cephei and SPB stars in the Magellenic Clouds", and more...
There is at least one rapidly rotating (40% of critical velocity) multiperiodic beta Cephei star HD203664.
Concerning the observed abundances in B stars, you could check Morel's paper. - Anne