Just add things you want to share, do, or organize here.

Friday Asteroseismic Cocktails

Each Friday
at 5:15 pm at Beachside Bar and Cafe in Goleta Beach Park.

Farewell Dinner - Friday, December 16

As always happens, time has passed very quickly, and we are somehow, amazingly, in the last week of the Asteroseismology in the Space Age program. We'll be having a 'final dinner' on Friday after cocktails at the Beachside Bar and Cafe (dinner at, say, 6:30). So we can make reservations, please add your name (and the number of people from your crew) to the list below using the editing functions of the wiki.
  1. Steve and Leslie
  2. Joergen
  3. Anne and Sarah
  4. Pieter
  5. Steven
  6. Andrea
  7. Haili (Luiz and Evan will join only for the cocktails)
  8. Masao
  9. Natasha Ivanova (1.5)
  10. Stephane (Sylvie, Aurore and Dimitri for the the cocktails only)
  11. Ahmed


I just discovered the nearby Coronado Butterfly Preserve in west Goleta - which is a wonderful place to visit on a nice day. The entrance is at the south end of Coronado Drive (a left turn off of Hollister, west of Camino Reale Marketplace. After a short hike you'll end up in a small ravine with thousands of monarch butterflies clustered in the trees. Truly remarkable. Keep going south for an excellent beachfront.
Thanks for that tip, it was indeed worth a visit! -- the other Steven

BEAUTIFUL! - And the beach there is wonderful as well! - Anne

Thursday dinner - November 17

It would be nice to have a dinner on Thursday to toast those participants who are headed home - there is a pretty large group this week that includes some that have been here since the start of the program (or nearly so). I'll try to make a reservation at the Hollister Brewing Company in the Camino Real Marketplace for the right number of people.

note: Hollister Brewing doesn't take advance reservations ... I'll do what I can (unfortunately without the benefit of help from Gulnur) and keep things posted here

Please add your name to the list below by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Those in attendance: Steve Kawaler (x1), Steven Bloemen (x1), Anne Thoul and Sarah (x2 + car), R.A. Garcia (x1 + car), S. Mathur (x1), V. Silva Aguirre (x1 + bike), Conny with An and Jasper (provided that Jasper's throat infection which attacked him today does not get worse...) (x3), Joergen C.-D. (x1 + car; leaving at 5.15), B. Chaplin (x1), N.Ivanova (x1.5). M. Pinsonneault (x1 + car if needed), P. Moskalik (x1), François Lignières (x1), Pieter Degroote (x1), Haili Hu(x1), Aldo Serenelli (x1), Hideyuki Saio (x1), Masao Takata (x1)

Area Events and Entertainment Listings

The calendar page of the Santa Barbara Independent has a good listing of area events, including links to maps and venues.

Tip: Pumpkin Patch, on the corner of Hollister Avenue and Walnut Lane (Goleta). We cycled there on Saturday and it was great fun, especially if you have kids. Besides huge pumpkins, they have a corn maze, rides and some animals, everything for free. - Haili

Car Pooling for "Santa Barbara 1st Thursday": Following the email I just received from "KITP My Visit", I just wanted to say that there are three spaces available in my car (if it does not rain) to go down to SB from 5 to 8 pm... - Anne

Jazz & Folk Music

SB has but one place that features jazz and folk: SOhO Restaurant & Music Club .They have decent food if you want to eat before/during a performance.

Hiking around Santa Barbara

Sport Activities

Anyone interested in bicycling? I've started to explore Santa Barbara on my bike, and would be happy to share what I've learned... and ride with you!
Drop a line here or pop up at my office -Steve
-- Yes, let me know if you plan other trips! -Steven


Here's a nice collection of special places to eat/drink: from the Independent.

(from earlier in the program - retained for historical reasons. This has evolved into a weekly night out in downtown SB for dinner/drinks on Wednesdays)

Anybody interested in going out for sushi some day? Suggestions for good sushi places are welcome! -Haili
I love sushi! No idea about good places in SB though.... - Anne
Sure! -Steven
Count me in as well - there are some Japanese places in GoTown that may be okay, and many downtown SB including the Harbor... - Steve
Local's reccomendation: Arigato Sushi. I suggest we go there on a weekday as they do not take reservations and are often full. We can discuss it further at cocktail hour :) - Haili
We can go tomorrow since the BBQ got cancelled. Who's interested and who's willing to drive? - Haili
So we will go out for sushi tomorrow, so far Steve, Steven, Anne and myself are going (Anne volunteered to drive, thanks!). If anybody else is interested, we can discuss carpool/bus options. - Haili
I'd be interested in coming, if there's a spare seat for me. Otherwise I guess I could get the bus. - Toby


For the Europeans who want to shop for clothes while in the US, I checked out the Camarillo Premium Outlets (740 E. Ventura Boulevard, Camarillo, CA 93010), which is huge and where you can get big savings. It is located approximately 50 min by car from Goleta. There is also the Pacific View Mall ( 3301-1 E. Main St., Ventura, CA 93003) but I haven't been there (yet)...This one is about 45 min. from Goleta by car.


For those of us who enjoy wine, we are organizing a winery tour/wine tasting on Thursday, November 10, at the Ampelos Winery .
It is about 45 minutes drive from the KITP, and we plan on being there at 3pm in order to be able to actually see something before it gets dark
(just a reminder that we are switching times this coming week-end). So we will leave the KITP around 2:15pm (sorry for the SdB subgroup...).
We need to get organized for transport, as we will need cars to get there. So I would like to receive emails very soon from all of you with a car
with the number of places available in their car (yes, all those with cars HAVE to come ;))...
Those of you who are interested in coming should send me an email before Friday, as we will have to find some transportation alternatives if there
are not enough cars.
The cost will be $10 per person, and we will need to bring our own bread/cheese/crackers/munchies. We can each bring our own or I can take care of
it for everyone and we'll share the cost, whichever you prefer.
- Anne

Who is joining? [add your name] -- Anne, Steven B., Joergen, Steve & Leslie K., Rafael, Savita, Guenter, François, Marc, Valérie, Mickael, Victor, Dave, Matteo, Patrizia, Lars, Aldo
Wojciech and his wife
Cars: Anne, Marc, Rafael, Joergen, Steve, Dave, Matteo, Lars

CAR ORGANIZATION: 17 of us, means we need 4-5 cars...
car 1: Rafael (driver) + Mickael + Victor + Savita
car 2: Steve (driver) + Leslie + Valerie
car 3: Anne (driver) + Matteo + Patrizia (Unless Matteo's car is required)
car 4:Joergen (driver) + Guenter + Steven
car 5: Dave Arnett (driver) + whoever wants to come back to Santa Barbara

Lars's driving instructions:

Head North on 101, in Buellton, take the Lompoc/Hwy 246 exit heading
west. You will take a left onto Domingos road just after the point where
the 4 lane highway
cuts down to 2 lanes. You will see the vineyard and a white fence.
Go into the gate at the white fence -- don't take the road that is next
to the vineyard on the right. Follow the dirt road towards the vineyard
and take the first right and then follow this road. Once you pass the
pump there will be an oak
tree with a few tables.

Lars's version of a Google Map which shows the situation near the winery is at